26 Sep 2005 svo   » (Master)

Today I was very very much impressed. I asked a question in FreeRTOS support forum on sf and got a positive response in less than 5 minutes. I guess this is a coincidence, but what a great one!

I rewrote a tiny part of FreeRTOS guts to accomodate it to Timer0 instead of its original Timer1.

Timer1 is now fully at my disposal.

Just a few hours of decoding the riddles Atmel documentation team had created for me, and Timer1 is streaming 2 pretty PWM pulses that are proportional to inclination!

Let's measure the efficiency: evenings since first boot - about 5. Functionality achieved: everything I had on the PIC board plus more.

Sure, the code is not as tight as it is when you code in assembly, but who really cares? The thing runs more smooth than ever, the code maintainability is times-fold better.

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