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BK-0010 FPGA Replica — БК-в-ФПГА

БК-0010 теперь можно запустить на плате Altera DE1. Весь код открыт, содержит изрядное количество Верилога, собственную реализацию микропроцессора, немного древнего Си и ассемблера PDP-11.

Проект хостится на Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

Elektronika BK-0010 was a 16-bit PDP-11-instruction-set-compatible Soviet home computer manufactured in USSR from 1985 till early 1990-s. Despite its quirks it was immensely popular in its time. Now it is reimplemented in FPGA and can be played with on an Altera DE1 board. The project is entirely open-source, contains a fair share of Verilog (custom PDP-11 instruction set CPU included), some oldskool C and PDP-11 assembly.

Link — http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

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