24 Sep 2005 svo   » (Master)

w00t! what a day, a perfectly wasted Saturday :)


:) FreeRTOS is up and running on my mega32;

:) TWI/I2C is working and display is interfaced through RTOS queue;

:) PID term coefficients are read upon startup and displayed;

:) Error term (inclination) is being measured and displayed continuously;

:) Other tasks run beeping and flashing asynchronously, inducing happiness around;

:( FreeRTOS AVR port uses 16-bit Timer1, exactly the one I was planning to use for phase-correct PWM generation. What a bummer! Hopefully it doesn't really need the 16-bitness of that timer, maybe I can hack it to use the other one;

Aside from that last little trouble which I'm sure can be solved, I don't have words to express how happy and easy it is with a sane uC, C-compiler, decent simulator too (talking about WinAVR/gcc and AVR studio, remembering MPLAB IDE, shuddering) - it's just so smooth and pretty now.

Of course I guess it would not be as smooth if I just started off for the first time ever. After all PIC made me learn a lot of stuff and I'm grateful.

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