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My ATmega32-based board is working. So far I only have the uC, the led and the beeper. The new design also has the reset button and three potentiometers for PID term coefficients input. I'll need some time to figure how to do more sophisticated stuff than just blinking the led and beeping. Happy happy day.

Here's a pic of the new logic board (top) and the ISP programmer I quickly assembled to program the AVR (bottom). The schematics is based on PonyProg-STK200, but altered a little to accomodate what I had handy (namely, 74hc245 instead of the 244).

The experience with programmer software is not as smooth as I expected. The so-much praised PonyProg is a little bit TOO universal and it was not easy to figure what was going on. It works now though.

avrdude from WinAVR distro was a little more friendly at first (not user-interface kind of friendship though), but failed to read the fuse bit words.

Also a note on PCB's. I kind of found the proper combination of exposure time/distance for paper prints, finally. With my uberlamp (it's some hardcore UV lamp, not the regular kind that looks like a daylight lamp), it takes not less than 60 minutes from 30cm distance through an oiled print on regular office paper. I'm afraid this won't work with more commercially available lamps - just to give the idea of the power of this lamp - shining for 10 min from 10cm distance makes oil burn to the surface of photoresist and enough UV gets through the dark areas of the template to render the entire exposure useless.

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