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what I write here begs to be a forum post, except that I can't find a forum to post into - so I have some questions:

1) Is there a way to contact other people on robots.net other than by posting in the diary?

2) Is there a robots.net forum somewhere? If it exists, I can't find any links to one in obvious places here.

to Pedro14: unfortunately for your project, I2C bus is not, and can not be, wireless. I2C was conceived at Philips as a mean to make many chips in a single device talk to each other via just 2 wires. You will probably have to deal with it when interfacing to memory chips, some sensors and displays. For example, I use it to send data to the display of Akipaki. Sometimes it is also called TWI (Two-Wire Interface), sometimes IIC, maybe there are some other names. Idiosynchratic of I2C are open-drain terminals, addressable devices and strictly octet-oriented communication protocol.

I think that your project is very complicated by itself, even without wireless communication. It is probably a good idea to develop the basic functionality first, probably develop a simulation of the entire system on a PC - that alone would take a lot of time. And maybe when the proof of concept is ready there will be some pretty, readily available, single-chip radio interfaces as simple as I2C is in the world of wires.

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