15 Sep 2005 svo   » (Master)

Hi folks,

I finally burned the controller board. doh. Did something wrong with power and mad currents flew across the MCLR pin of the PIC. It still works, but has input impedance of about 10 ohm, which is not tolerable.

Although a bummer, it's still for the good. I'm studying AVR's, looking into using ATmega16 on my new design. Hardware multiplier totally buys me. And most important, gcc for avr exists and I would not have to go smoking and procrastinating every time I need to multiply two signed integers. As of the rest of peripherals, everything is in place - 8 channel ADC, 2 channels of high-resolution phase- correct PWM, a lot of gpio pins and a ton of other purdy stuff I won't possibly need this time.

Take care. And always mind your power connections. Maybe using a fuse is a good idea, even.

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