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smee gain..

Funny, I just discovered that there is (or was??) a robot football team based in the university I graduated from.

It's amazing that they exist in total obscurity. Here's one of a few news articles regarding their success in the long gone 2003. I tried to search for at least some info regarding them and found nothing but news articles.

One would expect higher level of tech-awareness from a winning robot-building team. At least a simple text-only site with contact information would be sufficient. Come on people, come out of the hole, we could benefit from each other.

At least I could :)

Also, there's another robot building community, which is pretty sparse though. Some projects listed are not even robots, more like heavyweight chassis constructions. Interesting nevertheless, check them out (the leftmost bold-font column starting with ATMEL... links to various user projects, some active, some from the distant past).

Re: icechip's accelerometer tutorial - that's a great one! Thank you for sharing. BTW, I see that most articles and reviews somehow miss Motorola/Freescale family of MEMS accelerometers. This may vary with supplier, but here I could buy their MMA6260Q (dual-axis, +/- 1.5G) for about 10e. That's at least twice cheaper than similar devices from Analog. The outputs of MMA6260 are voltages proportional to acceleration (or axis angle relative to g, if in g-sensing mode), which may happen to be very convenient if there's a multi-channel ADC on board already. I could whip up a quick description of my application just in case anyone's interested.

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