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It's been a while since the last time I posted.

Most of the time I was busy building a radio clock receiver. First version, a direct amplification VLF receiver, kind of worked and I even managed to decode the signal in ATmega8, but reception is very poor. There are problems with selectivity and it's barely possible to amplify signal without amplifying all of the terrible noise that loves to dwell in VLF range.

Current project is Superhet VLF receiver. So far so good, the mixed signal board is ready. It has 2 AD9833 DDS chips (one for LO, one for IF->baseband), two external AD7478A ADC's, to make it possible to sample I and Q simultaneously, and some of the fun stuff: rotary encoder, two hook switches and a PLED display. And, of course, ATmega162 to rule them all. Well, observe the beauty, check out ADC quality, enjoy. From what I can see now, there is still enough memory and time frame to do decoding of MSF or DCF77 stations in the same uC. So far so good, I'm satisified. And yes, this is all for a Nixie clock project, ha! I really should share the schematics later, that's the best way to make backups.

Every once in a while I have to make my own Eagle libraries for my projects. I've put online what I've got so far. Enjoy!

Just another, check out my one-evening project. It involves floppy drive motor, free energy, air fan and 6 LED's. Everybody is ought to love this!

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