22 Feb 2006 svo   » (Master)

I published my L6204-based H-bridge control circuit. The document describing it is in Russian only, but the circuit is self-descriptive and universal. There is also printable PCB template free for use by anyone. The page with links is here. L6204 from ST is more effective than previous popular integrated H-bridges because it uses MOSFETS for switching, their switch times are significantly faster. Hence less heat, more efficiency.

Here's a picture of my assembled DAC. Although picture is not a good measure for an audio application, I think it looks cute. And this is a debugger that runs inside of its ATmega8 that allows me to play with CS8416 and AD1955 settings.

Also note that Analog Devices ADM3202 is a significantly cheaper 3.3V replacement for the ever-so-popular MAX232. It is also pin-to-pin compatible.

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