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Many things have changed since Nov, 29. It's scary how much time has passed since my last post and how little is done yet. It was not all wasted time though. After near completion of board with ADAV801, I figured that the documentation for that chip is very flaky and I can't figure out how exactly it works. Contacted someone with real experience and he confirmed that the documentation is full of errors and omitments and the chip is really overcomplicated, especially for such a simple task as SPDIF receiver.

I thus found CS8416 by Cirrus Logic. It's a straight-on SPDIF receiver with I2S output and SPI/I2C control. It is relatively simple and the documentation is clear, not expensive too. I redesigned teh entire board for it. And I'm very glad that I did, too. Here's the board in flesh.

Currently I have the uC working, USART is up and CS8416 is obeying SPI commands and reporting status. No pics yet, sorry, but there are lots of late corrections on my beautiful PCB - it doesn't look very sexy now.

There are 2 nearest-term goals: make the receiver lock on input signal (as of now VCO voltage is very flaky, even though it senses the signal) and, meanwhile, adopt a bootloader to be able to update the firmware via com-port.

When this is done it would make sense to build the proper power supply before playing with DAC - I use both 3.3 and 5.0 supply voltages, separate regulators for PLL, digital, analog, LCD display and +/- 12V for opamps.

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