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Flexible LED filaments driver

A driver for flexible white LEDs

Драйвер гибких белых светодиодов

Driver para los LED blancos flexibles

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Non-standard RGB video conditioner

Analog RGB + Sync input using LVDS inputs of FPGA and signal conditioner for nonstandard signals.

Аналоговый вход для RGB + Sync с использованием LVDS-входов ПЛИС и подгонка нестандартных видеосигналов к стандартным.

Entrada de video RGB analógica utilizando entradas LVDS de FPGA y mejoras de video no estandar.

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Больше бит с VGA-разъема Altera DE1

Увеличение аналогового разрешения композитного видеовыхода на плате Altera DE1.

Increasing analog resolution of VGA-connector based CVBS output on Altera DE1.

Aumentando resolución analógica de la salida de video compuesto de Altera DE1.

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Zloshnik: a vector CRT display based on 3ЛО1И

Злошник — компактный векторный дисплей на основе миниатюрной ЭЛТ 3ЛО1И.

Zloshnik es un monitor de fósforo de miniatura hecho con un tubo de rayos catódicos soviético tipo 3ЛО1И.

Zloshnik is a very compact vector CRT display built around 3LO1I, a miniature Soviet-made CRT.

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Automatic morse key for CW practice

A single-paddle automatic and manual key for morse code (CW) sending practice. It is built from HDD parts and uses a TI Launchpad MSP430 microcontroller for keying and making sounds.

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USB video grabber for BK-0010

A simple project based on ChipKIT MAX32 board. It captures video frames from BK-0010 in real time and displays them on the PC (Linux and Mac) in real time. No modifications of BK-0010 are required.
The description is Russian-only but it's pretty easy to understand the project by looking at the source code.

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BK-0010 FPGA Replica — БК-в-ФПГА

БК-0010 теперь можно запустить на плате Altera DE1. Весь код открыт, содержит изрядное количество Верилога, собственную реализацию микропроцессора, немного древнего Си и ассемблера PDP-11.

Проект хостится на Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

Elektronika BK-0010 was a 16-bit PDP-11-instruction-set-compatible Soviet home computer manufactured in USSR from 1985 till early 1990-s. Despite its quirks it was immensely popular in its time. Now it is reimplemented in FPGA and can be played with on an Altera DE1 board. The project is entirely open-source, contains a fair share of Verilog (custom PDP-11 instruction set CPU included), some oldskool C and PDP-11 assembly.

Link — http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

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