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Automatic morse key for CW practice

A single-paddle automatic and manual key for morse code (CW) sending practice. It is built from HDD parts and uses a TI Launchpad MSP430 microcontroller for keying and making sounds.

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USB video grabber for BK-0010

A simple project based on ChipKIT MAX32 board. It captures video frames from BK-0010 in real time and displays them on the PC (Linux and Mac) in real time. No modifications of BK-0010 are required.
The description is Russian-only but it's pretty easy to understand the project by looking at the source code.

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BK-0010 FPGA Replica — БК-в-ФПГА

БК-0010 теперь можно запустить на плате Altera DE1. Весь код открыт, содержит изрядное количество Верилога, собственную реализацию микропроцессора, немного древнего Си и ассемблера PDP-11.

Проект хостится на Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

Elektronika BK-0010 was a 16-bit PDP-11-instruction-set-compatible Soviet home computer manufactured in USSR from 1985 till early 1990-s. Despite its quirks it was immensely popular in its time. Now it is reimplemented in FPGA and can be played with on an Altera DE1 board. The project is entirely open-source, contains a fair share of Verilog (custom PDP-11 instruction set CPU included), some oldskool C and PDP-11 assembly.

Link — http://code.google.com/p/bk0010/.

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Packshotnik creates 360-degree stop motion spinshots

Packshotnik creates stop-motion animated 360-degree spin shots of various objects. It consists of a rotary platform and a controller and requires a camera that can be controlled via IR or by wire.

Watch the video in the article or on youtube — Link

Packshotnik description Link

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Delta Robot Analysis and Simulation

Analysis, analytical inverse kinematics solution of a delta robot, accompanied with a beautiful delta robot simulation that allows to play with a robot and lets you modify all imaginable parameters.

Delta Robot analysis and simulation - Link

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Strobeshnik is a stroboscopic digital clock made from an old HDD.


Strobeshnik project writeup

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A Nixie Clock in A

The incredibly compact IN-14 based nixie clock in a Marine Band harmonica case. It shares the same code as my previous clock, Satashnik. The circuit is mostly the same, except that it's changed for IN-14's and made to fit in the tight space of harmonica case.
Harmoshnik, Nixie Clock in A

Eagle stuff is here.
Source code: Harmoshnik updates follow the Satashnik tag. This time I've had a chip that needed some serious calibration for its RC oscillator, the code update is mostly about that.

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The IN-2 Nixie Clock is complete. This is a very compact clock, too.

Project writeup

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