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Цветной композитный PAL-выход для Altera DE1

Накладки во время cc'09 сподвигли меня на реализацию кодера композитного видеосигнала для vector06cc. Небольшая заметка о том, как это было сделано. Без особых подробностей, скорее не руководство, а чтобы самому не забыть. Но вдруг кому пригодится:
ПАЛ-кодер на Altera DE1

Problems with nonstandard VGA output on my Vector-06C FPGA replica made me implement composite PAL output. DE1 board has enough resources to throw in full-colour PAL signal without any additional components. R,G,B wires of VGA output are connected together to cope with 75 ohm load, the rest is done in verilog. This short writeup is Russian-only because there seems to be enough PAL-related info readily available in English. All source code is available in the main vector06cc source tree.

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T80 Core To Be The Most Precise 8080 To Date

8080 Emulation Quality

8080 has many dark corners. Unlike its more popular successor Z80, 8080 had never been studied enough and most emulator code, and FPGA cores, relied on data from various books and often even word of mouth. Thusly, it's known that DAA instruction doesn't yield correct result after subtration but it's not known why and AC flag has mysterious ways too..
Just recently a few enthusiastic people from a Russian Vector-06c fans forum found a piece of software for Vector-06c which could not be started in any of the existing emulators, couldn't be started in my FPGA replica yet had no problem running in the real Vector-06c at all. After some investigation it turned out that 8080 ALU had AC flag inverted after SUB operation. This involves SUB, SBB, SBI, DCR, CMP, CPI instructions. The pesky ware used the contents of 8080 flags register as a branch address. Ultimately it led to this discovery of auxilliary carry anomaly.

While fixing this issue in the T80 core, which I use in my Vector-06C replica, I discovered a lot of other discrepancies with the original CPU. Thanks to the ultimately inquisitive CPU test written by Ian Bartholomew, 8080 Exerciser, I was able to verify my version of T80 against the baseline set by the real CPU in a real computer.

Probably not an earth-shattering news, but this is a milestone in emulation of 8080 CPU nevertheless. As of now, there are no known tests that could tell my version of T80 in 8080 mode from the real thing. Update your emulators or you're going to lose the edge :) Only my version has these changes at the moment, they had not been merged with the "official" opencores.org version.

One thing worth noting: real CPU tests were done on a KR580VM80A, which is known to be a gate-level clone of 8080, but still not exactly the real thing. If you have a real 8080 CPU computer which can run CP/M 2.2 or similar, please try Ian's test on your computer and send the results to him or to me.

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Motöri the Plotter Video

Chaos Constructions 2k9 is over. It was the most awesome party ever. I had several exhibits, the primary one was of course the Motöri and the crowd totally loved it.

Since it's not a very reliable contraption, I prepared a video to show in case I won't be able to run the plotter live. Everything went smoothly and it wasn't necessary, but the video is pretty nice and it shows the plotter from every possible angle and lets you hear its lovely sounds. Enjoy!

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The Release (2005)

Arvaa mikä päivää?

This happened in 2005.

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Обновление «Базиса@home»

An update of the offline version of Bazis, the Vector-06C database: Bazis@home: 754 records.
Direct link for the online-challenged: some megabytes

Обновление оффлайновой версии картотеки программ для Вектора «Базис@home»: 754 записи.
Ссылка на архив: много мегабайт

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Принцип Бернулли — почему шарик не падает

Почему шарик не соскальзывает в сторону, когда он болтается в струе воздуха. Рассказ с иллюстрациями.

Why the ball doesn't slip away when it's levitating in an air jet. A short illustrated demo. No English captions, sorry, unless I figure how to do them faster than doing the rest of other video tasks combined.

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okno okno

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Motöri The Plotter gets a Laser

Моторий теперь вооружен 300мВт лазером.

Motöri now wields a 300mW laser.

Woodburning the Pionner plaque

English link: Motöri
Русский линк: Моторий

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Arvaa mikä päivää?

The music for this was composed on a real C64. Duh.

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