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Currently my 2-wheeler is a disassembled set of parts and boards (which used to be assembled once but had too much problems that screamed for hardware solution).

Originally I wanted to control RC servos modified for continuous rotation, but this proved to be a very bad idea. Balancing works, but overshooting in control is inevitable and it's nearly impossible to implement fine control. Basically I have "full throttle back" and "full throttle forth", without anything in between. Thus i decided to build another board with H-bridges that would replace RC servo electronics. With it I can implement PID control of the motors.

The real problem #1 now is the power though. The logic board needs good and stable +5V (well, more than +4V anyway, the stability is more important that absolute value). The motors can run at +5, but the H-bridge chip I'm using needs about +7..+8V or more to boot.

It looks like having 2x 4-piece AA battery holders onboard is inevitable. Thus I could get 9.6V when using rechargeables. Any ideas regarding power/batteries are welcome! And just out of couriousity, for how long a typical "standard RC servo" would stand 10V DC? 10V with 50% duty cycle?

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