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Probe II SG just completed a 10 hour endurance run that also happened to have been webcast. 4 hours of video tape snippets, were aquired, and 1 roll of film was shot of Probe II SG in the field during this test. A very satisfying run indeed! DTMF controller is not NOT coming, but I have a loaner on the way, so stage II may yet happen by summer!

Stage II is where all the onboard cameras, and the various controllers that PII SG has been carrying around all this time! Check out the latest photos of Probe II SG (the photo here is an old one, and doesn't do the current configuration justice! I don't know how to update this photo!) at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theroboticsclub

Look for my photo album there. All the latest pics can be found there!

Probe II SG is currently being fitted with stereo mics to allow another level of senses in the field. Currently awating the arrival of a URC-1 DTMF controller from Ramsey Electronics. I will be updating the Probe II photo as soon as I figure out how!

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