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I made and still improving a site for my robot projects. It has interesting articles like "Bug Killing for Dummies", angle sensor diagrams, thermal sensor diagrams, and cds light sensor diagrams.

There are also brief cpus used for robotics. URL:http://www.stingraze.net/electronic

Went to buy some electronic equipments at a local shop called Tokyu Hands. Bought 5 Bright red LEDs, 6 resistors 330ohms and 400ohms. LEDs cost 20yen or about 20+ U.S. cents each, resistors for 10yen or about 10+ U.S. cents.

Tested my 814 robot, worked great outside, but trying to figure how to conserve battery power. The 814 MCU board runs at 3V, and supplies 2motors 3V. The gear box of my robot uses Tamiya's 6-Speed GearBox H.E. bought for about $9.00. The wheels are equipped with 1/10th scale radio control car wheels, which provides great stability and speed. I made a electronics / robotics site with my robot and simple light and temperature sensor diagrams at: http://www.stingraze.net/electronic

Just visited Robots.net. One of the best robot site i visited! so cool, all you guys making different sort of robots from all around the globe.

A little about me:

I'm 14 years old, and have 3 years of programming experience in C, BASIC, VB6.0, VBA, Perl, Javascript and VBscript.

I made search engine (http://www.stingraze.net/search.htm) with Perl, and with C, I am programming my little Analog Devices 814 Board for my robot.

Well, just to say hi to all you great guys on this site.

Tsubasa K.

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