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As an observer, I am unable to respond directly to "jeffkoenig" "Pretty Cool, But.." post regarding the WildFire microcontroller. But, Jeff makes some interesting observations and I would like to address them.

The "Technical Documentation" link should be to www.steroidmicros.com/downloads/WildFireUM.pdf, not ../WildFirePR.pdf.

Jeff is right that the I2C signals do not come off the board. That is, they are not connected to the headers.

The LCD port and software libraries support standard single character based LCDs up to 2 lines x 40 characters or 4 lines x 20 characters. Other displays can be connected, but they require custom harnesses and custom drivers (i.e., "roll your own").

The on-board LCD contrast pot is a single turn pot and the contrast "sweet spot" is less than ΒΌ turn and varies from LCD to LCD and varies with temperature. A multi-turn pot would have been nicer and a temperature compensation circuit, nicer yet ..all at the cost of realestate and money.

Again, Jeff is right: the picture is an old one of a Beta version of the board. Pictures on our website are current and, yes, this is now a real "off the shelf" product.

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