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5 Mar 2008 (updated 5 Mar 2008 at 04:06 UTC) »

Some Of The Best Software Ever

Over time I'm found some great software, here is some of the best virtual software I've found.

VirtualBox - I LOVE this software! It's free, and works good. You can run Linux Distros on your XP computer, or older Windows versions on your XP computer. I'm running Win98 SE so I can use some older robot software.


DOSBox - More people know about this free VM software, but still I feel I should say about it. You can run some OSes in this that you can't in VirtualBox.


MagicISO - This software costs money but works good (if you find free software that does the same thing, let me know). You can create .iso, and other image files with this software for use in virtual drives.


MagicDisc - You can mount .iso, and other image files with DVD/CD-ROM drive letters like E, F, etc...


Virtual Floppy Drive - This free software works like MagicDisc, but is for Floppies.

Vi rtual Floppy Drive

PowerArchiver 2007 - Not directly virtual, but it does help with a lot of types of file extensions.


If you want to email me please go to the contact form on my blog.

I will be listing more of my favorite software on my blog soon!


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