18 Mar 2007 sprocket2cog   » (Journeyer)

The Xbr-001 chassis project (www.xbr-online.blogspot.com) is taking up the body of our time. Another think tank session has meant small changes to the pin layout on the bodyring and a new easier to draw :P chassis shape, its still the double D style but now has no ridges or extra protrusions, this will let an extrusion of the body be made if someone wants to, the idea for this robot is to create sections that are really easy to produce that when put together look like a pop culture or movie style robot, the chances of your robot project winning that tea server comp are increased :) we are always looking for new open tech projects that may be implemented in a body like this one so we can try to accomadte them into the design. For example The guys at http://www.robotpower.com have developed an open motor control project that could be used in the robot, they sent the size of the robot controller to me so I could see if it fits inside , and it does. so now we have an option avaliable to you guys for motor control. see you round. Sean

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