16 Mar 2007 sprocket2cog   » (Journeyer)

The XBR project is well under way with a new message forum, idea showcase listing and varius images and plans being posted. Check out the project page for a quick run down or head to our main site for the whole show. www.xbr-online.blogspot.com

The project is halfway though the cad design with next week set out to finish the side covers and head assembly. This completes the first design stage ready for a mockup. The second stage will fix small issues and check that we didnt over look anything. Followed by a full scale mock up with more detail and better finish, we may even mount systems in this one as a first run concept model before spending up on plastic sheeting for the first "real" prptotype that molds could be made from. see you around the net. sprocket2cog

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