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Well the latest for us is the design and construction of a plastic body shell for the robot domestic market, Plansare in the pipe line now to bring this product to the market before the years end. http://xbr-online.blogspot.com/ Ive also been working on the microbric stuff, with the release of the new ai2 firmware just this week, Check out their site at, www.microbric.com.au

I started out way back in the eighty`s with a big track and aratron robot then went into computers a bit, currently im hacking wowwee robots for some fun and as an australian im assessing the microbric viper as well. A member of the evosapien team run by roschler, im currently involved in testing the alpha release of the robodance program. I run several sites including a blog a raptor site and a viper resource site. check out www.sprocketslog.blogspot for the details and head to http://www.upnaway.com/~terraform/microbric/index.html for the lowdown on the viper. Im working on a few robots including a rcx powered plexiglass room rover and a single motor larger scale robot to carry things around.

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