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> On Wed Apr 29 22:32:13 2015, srn wrote:
> I also edited /etc/fstab accordingly and put a backup in
> /etc/fstab.bak.20150429.
> On Wed Apr 29 22:30:35 2015, srn wrote:
> You are moved and can access the management console using
> ssh -i allthingsgo@allthingsgo.console.xen.prgmr.com
> I put /dev/xvdc1 on /dev/xvda2 and /dev/xvdc2 on /dev/xvda3.
> I don't know what is wrong with your networking.
> You have the following 2 ips:
> subnet is
> netmask is
> gateway is
> --Sarah

21 Dec 2011 at 13:43 UTC
I pledge my support to Software Freedom Conservancy. Their current Member Projects. I hope to work towards implementing Raph's Trust Metrics to build democratic process for Chinese ordinary internet users using Darcs as my distribution platform.

I believe co-operation is a learned world view. To build Trust is a difficult task among different people sharing little common senses as pockets of world material/natural resources are controlled even more tightly than ever before. Cooperative activities are never to be taken for granted. Our natural instinct is to defend ourselves against extinction, suppression, enslavement on every turn. So help me folks. Thank you.

Congratulation, Mrs. Tai, for translating Dr. Lee's autobiography 'Making a World of Difference' from English to Chinese. I am looking forward to reading your 中華文化詩詞入門. I also would like to read works by Dr. Lee's late father and Chinese historian 李天民 .

I am also most interested in two different versions of history books about Chinese Civil War (1927-1949/1950) .

According to wiki, "However there is debate on whether the war has officially ended. The conflict continues in the form of military threats and political and economic pressure, particularly over the political status of Taiwan. The continued tension is described in cross-Strait relations." 2007年中共十七大時,中共中央總書記胡锦涛提出「兩岸簽署和平協議」主張,当时執政民主進步黨并沒有正式回應。但在國民黨二次政黨輪替後,總統馬英九称不排除與中國大陸簽署和平協議,不過並沒有時間表


Henry Liu (7 December 1932 – 15 October 1984), often known by his pen name Chiang Nan (江南), was a writer and journalist from Taiwan, Republic of China. Born in Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China, he was a vocal critic of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party), then the single ruling party of the Republic of China in Taiwan, and was most famous for writing an unauthorized biography of Chiang Ching-kuo, former president of the Republic of China.[1] He later became a naturalized citizen of the United States, and resided in Daly City, California, where he was assassinated by the Taiwanese.

to watch Formosa Betrayed

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