18 Mar 2009 spaceminers   » (Apprentice)

Happy Birthday to me, happy bday 2 me... :)

i'm 44 on st. patty's day. i'll be 44.4 on april fools day. not sure what that means... anyone? hey anyway, not really a robot but i'm almost finished with the S.M.E.G. all i need is a 12v dc freon pump and tests can begin. the smeg is quite a unique "tri-brid" thermal engine for powering the spacechair space elevator, which is kind of like a robot. the ceramic/aluminum collector is suspended in a vaccum chamber with small blocks of aerogel. the collector is capable of receiving approx 100+Kw of solar/thermal energy, laser and/or microwave, and convert it directly into rotational energy and electricity simultaineously in one conversion step. thus, providing an extreemly efficient energy transfer system. plus, if you mount it in your window, it will cool your house and supply you with electricity, all from just the heat outside. the hotter the summer, the cooler your home, the cheaper your ebill :)

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