3 Mar 2009 spaceminers   » (Apprentice)

well, it's been quite some time since the last blog. so, i'll make this short, sweet and complete:

our flashback limo company experienced too many unfortunate stituations and was closed. however, we met plenty of new contacts and that was our intention. the white caddy was damaged due to a freak wind storm. the '87 black caddy is still available for private use and for catering to spaceminer sponsors.

unfortunately, my father had past away in his sleep. i had to take some time out and deal with all the situations that occurs after such a life changing tragedy. my family fell apart, my business ended, and i was becoming financially dependent on the savings account. depression was more crippling than being confined to a wheelchair.

dwelling on the past is bad for ones health. my father was always as happy as a dog in a clown suite. he inspires me to carry on. i can't give up. so, i am now once again attempting to win the grand prize at the space elevator competition. this means i need a small army of spaceminers [inventors, engineers, programmers, designers, etc] check out our videos and sign up as a spaceminer at www.youtube.com/spaceminers !!!

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