24 Oct 2005 sovrr   » (Journeyer)

Hello just got the head of the robot done but I need a lot of stuff in order to be finished. I copy the robot off of shortcircuit the movie. I got the transmitter and some of the recvier is done. The transmitter is for to program, raed and controll the robot. But I burned some disks so the robot autoly sarts doing stuff. The programs of the robot lets it learn serten stuff. It uses EEPROM and flash memory for its programing. I can make it so I can store stuff in him with the computer so I can put it on the TV. I also use floppy disks and tapes for more info. People still dont bleive me in building this robot, but I have strong opion of building this robot. I made a langauge called D++ it uses simple commands like 7gg. I am also makeing a video on the computer also its about the shortcircuit movie. I can have my robot to go downtown and go to certain stores all by its self. The robot can learn a little while it goes downtown. After a long peroid of time the robot has learned so much that it couild do stuff all the time by its self and know to go to my school if I forgot something.


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