4 Mar 2006 sovrr   » (Journeyer)

I got part of the wireless radio internet is all done and I am working on the computers. But I have a theory about the hydrgen demantion portail, Is where if you have two portails next to each other the top portail will exspand its height, lenght and width. The portail is created if you atom shock the hydrgen atom and shot it as the speed of light and a other atom is shot of the other side of the tube and then they hit critaily and make a graviton shareing the gravity to the other 44 parlle univeres. The graviton is a atom that makes a sertain force to make gravity possible. So thats how you bend time and space. A other theory is when you put a bomb in the portail and when it is traveling through the worm hole the bomb blows up makeing a pass way to the middle other your travel or you go forward or backwards in time.

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