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18 Oct 2005 (updated 18 Oct 2005 at 22:36 UTC) »

I just figured out that I am able to connect my robots controlls to the computer. The frequence of the anolog chances to be digital so the right word or somthing on the computer screen. That simbol tells me the serten program the robot is doing. The robot has a learning, cruise and motocontrol modes. My robot also has EEPROM and flash memory, for the learning loop also (the robot can learn well its cruiseing). The robot also has Radar, IR, Bumper, CCD, Shift encorders, photocells, photoeletric and hearing.The robot has a arm with 3 motors and 2 motors for movments. I can just make the robot go on its own and rome all over when I can be just in my room. It has a FM tracking device incase it gets out of range. But it has a wire in the ground so it wont explore that far but the more high tech the robot gets the more I let it rome. So that is my robot. So far my dog is doing fine she is 6 years old, and I also have a 1890 house in romeo. Did you know that there is only 3 towns were all the house and every thing is holstrical. my dad is working on the house (painting the house, fixing it)I am also making a video game waqs called after my favorite video called short circuit. I sort of copy off of the README form for the SIMs. I have over 5 SIMs games. My mom just got a job for my collage and I get more time for my robots to build. right now Im doing typeing class. So thats about me, I hope my certification level gets high from this post weblog. Oh! I am also trying to mke my own websites but I can not make them that good so thats why Im trying on this website and thats why Im doing this right now. The main reason I did this is to learn about robotics and share my own robots out to the world.

Hello agian the robot is doing fine. Its qust about done, the only thing that is missing is the EEPROM, flash memory cells, its learning circuit isnt on and programed. The other thing is that the sesor isnt working yet but it should be done nere chrismas because of some of the sesor and the memory cells. My best friend will help me but he needs to learn a little more stuff about robots. I do have a (est.) coulige ( dont know how to spell thst word) and Im only in middle school.

Hi I just fealt board so I wrote this story. The thing I want to do is to finish my robot so I can play and study its actions. I also want to sell it later on, any ways it can learn its eviornment and you can teach him by voice. There is learning robots that scientists did build for example there is a robot that learns and his name is COG. The robot has all the stuff I said in the other HTML I did. It is not for sell yet. I am treing to make it read so it can be smarter.

I qust figured out different types of aliens. The forms are grays, blues, demanchan dwelers, and talls. I do blieve in aliens and what they do to you on there space ships. So thats whats new today.

I am makeing a brand new video game for the coumpter and TV. The system is called the bluebox, the bluebox can connect to the coumpter and program a serten doc. or jpg. program. Then make a oscillator card for the game play. this game has a internet thatn I made from radio waves and has a mixer and a adress coder so you can play with oter people. But I could just do all on the coumputer. I sort of did the video game like the SIMs. the game is based on aliens taking over the world and you have to fix humanity.I didnt finish the program yet.

29 Sep 2005 (updated 23 Oct 2005 at 16:46 UTC) »

I have just figure out about the 11 dimensions. To get to a demanchion you must have two hdrgen partics going at the speed of light and have a critale hit makes a demanchion portail. The demanchion portail bends time and space to another demanchion. I do know that the fourth demanchion is when 2demanchion objects and 3 demanchion switches in a paille univse.Im also building a robot with IR, bumper, hearing, radar, photocell, photoeletric and hearing. The robot is programed to learn as much as possible there is to learn. It is based on the joney-5 robot that was made in the 1990's. It has flash, EEPROM and PROM memory cells. the robot can be tought by saying something and then tell him what it is and he will program that in his memory. Later on you will need to program the movements of the instruction.

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