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my vexs-5 robot is all done with the designs and all the memory. The robot should jump, run, roll and more. the computer programs are PAVA and PR++.

I just figured out the demanchion portal that was made in area 51. first thegre is the hydergen atom witch goes through a atom shocker it takes away the eletron then the atom is shot as the speed of light then there is another atom coming the other side, then they hit as a crital hit. Then there is a gravition that does eletromagnetic waves to crate gravity. The gravition makes a portal that bends time and space to break the wall that we cant go through that goes to the other demanchions.

my robot with the liquid filled brain is doing good but I need the robot needs the vexs robotics to make the robots supports.

the robot for the ns-p is doing good. I got the liquid filled brain all figured out so far. The program that the robot is useing is pr++ and pava (that I made). the robot has a X-86 processor with sensors all above, just about. So that is my post for today.

so far the robot is doing fine. I just got done with the head, body, arm, and the base of the robot. All I can do is the software and the the hardware, well some software is done, So thats what new.

so far I got done with the software of the programs and the head of the robot jonny-5 is done. Themodel of the robot is done also.

Hello I just figured out that you can win the motcontroll real Jonny-5 (the movie called short circuit)as your own. Well I made a more simple computer language called D+++ version two. I am make the robot from the movie short circuit.The robot is getting better. The model of the head is 90% and the body is 60%. The hardware is 20% done and the software is 10%. So see you can see I am getting better of my robot of jonny-5.

Hello I just got done with the base model of my robot.I made a langauge called D+++, that is simaier of the langauge called D++.The robot can now vaccum and wash the floor and can do simple chores. It can now follow me any where with photoeletric or radio waves. If you read my other weblogs they say a lot of stuff of my robot, bye.

24 Oct 2005 (updated 24 Oct 2005 at 16:30 UTC) »

Hello just got the head of the robot done but I need a lot of stuff in order to be finished. I copy the robot off of shortcircuit the movie. I got the transmitter and some of the recvier is done. The transmitter is for to program, raed and controll the robot. But I burned some disks so the robot autoly sarts doing stuff. The programs of the robot lets it learn serten stuff. It uses EEPROM and flash memory for its programing. I can make it so I can store stuff in him with the computer so I can put it on the TV. I also use floppy disks and tapes for more info. People still dont bleive me in building this robot, but I have strong opion of building this robot. I made a langauge called D++ it uses simple commands like 7gg. I am also makeing a video on the computer also its about the shortcircuit movie. I can have my robot to go downtown and go to certain stores all by its self. The robot can learn a little while it goes downtown. After a long peroid of time the robot has learned so much that it couild do stuff all the time by its self and know to go to my school if I forgot something.


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hello people Im just about done with my robot his name is jony-5. Remeber that this, the robot can learn or be controlled. I made a languge called d++. The robot has EEPROM and flash memory for its programs. The robot has photocell,photo eletric, hearing, CCD, bumper, shift encoders, radar and IR. The robot can niteract with the evironment and you can program him with just words and beeps. you can just control him on your coumputer. I am some day going to sell this produce.

I am going to get home after 7th hour then start to build my robot, and then my the dog. I will try to finish my video game Im making. The game is named short circuit 3, its when number 2 robot gets shocked like johnny-5 but the robot is bad instead of good. I already made the programing ready for the game. The game is 3d and its fantastic. I finally learned a little bit of microprocessor langauge and basic stamp 2 programs. My best friend is helping me build robots and the videogame. I am trying to make my own website so I can share all my robots on the internet. That is why i am doing these posts and I hope my trust level gets higher so I can show more of my robots,etc. So thank you for letting me do this post. Well getting back on task, I can make my own FM radio transmitter. but its not that good. I have been doing robots since first grade and Im in 7th grade now. If I do a website, it'll be called robotspar.com or, robotspar.html. I just figured out that people can make DNA with just simple matierals like zinc. They put the material in certain places making DNA. My favorite robot is named cog. Cog can learn imformation and use that data for certain events, and it was made in 1998. At school I reprogramed simant(the game) so the person will say funny stuff. The only problem with some people is that they dont believe sometimes and that gets me pretty angry. Once in a time I do make a little stuff up but most of the time I dont. But why do some people do that? Because they are jealous of me because i can make robots but they can't. Well, that's my post or weblog of the day well its my 7th or 9th weblog.

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