20 Aug 2007 sovr   » (Journeyer)

I have a design that uses advance computers to compute a certain amount of data for graviton creating. A graviton is created by different coils and quartz cores. I would not get into detail, because i dont want people to take my idea. But the super computers and basiclly supeer computers. a laptop can be programmed to control low power and low graviton amounts where a 46 (I think) computer will calculate high graviton production. The machine can also produce takccons (cant spell particle, but can go faster then the spped of light) at high frequencies and power levels. The machine also uses AC diodes and capasistors for better coil proformence. The outer coil is a coil for protecting you and theres a tesla coil that gets the graviton out of the atom structure. Don't forget this is not all the info of the machine. But this machine uses huge HUGE amounts of power! This machine that i desgned also disscovered (I think) is just a design, I dont have a working one. Thank you for reading this!

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