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20 Aug 2007 (updated 20 Aug 2007 at 15:25 UTC) »

I have been working on a robot that scans the area and transmitts it to a simple computer I am working on. The robot has IR, ultrasonic, bumper, sound, and photocell senors. The computer uses EEPROM's and has a simple video memory for 5X5 resolution screen (made out of LED's). The programs tell me a prediction of what the area looks like, from the robots input. The computer also has certain programs for audio and visual effects. The computer has memory for types of video games you can program in. So that is my project for these couple weeks!

A while ago I finally got these EEPROM from japan. Ever since then I can now program robots. I used to use huge paper discs and paper tapes (they 90% didnt work). Then I tried to do digital memory (latches) wich also didnt really work. So one day I just thought of getting EEPROM's.

well I have been working on particles for a while and what I have learned was how particles decay. When a particle decays that partilce will turn into another partilce (or particles). Like a neutron can create a proton, eletron, posrton or another that I cant remeber right now (lol). But by learning particles I can get closer to building my graviton engine more correctly!

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