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I found this very cool video which has wall-e in it, but it show him in toy story, cars and the incredibles, thought it was something interesting to post!

http://video.google.com/videopl ay?docid=-4005070921469157318&q=wall-e&ei=4- iISIPvCZDuqwKnv5G2CA&hl=en


I found a cool embedment (flash program) that you can put on your website to have downloads, gallery, video's and more from the pixar wall-e movie. here is the html code for the embedment:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://c- widgets.disney.go.com/o/47f52785575c8467/487166ed468ffcb8/4 7f5296b9700c8a7/6913aa55" id="W47f52785575c8467487166ed468ffcb8" height="300" width="400"><param value="http://c- widgets.disney.go.com/o/47f52785575c8467/487166ed468ffcb8/4 7f5296b9700c8a7/6913aa55" name="movie"/><param value="transparent" name="wmode"/><param value="all" name="allowNetworking"/><param value="always" name="allowScriptAccess"/></object>

this will allow you to have the flash program in your website!

for anyone who loves johnny five from short circuit (the movie in the 80's and short circuit 2 in the 90's) you can join the j5 fan created website and join the community! you can post topics and replies. You can get free stuff on the website and more. Just thought if anyone was interested here is the link!

http://www.johnny- five.com/

or for the messageboard here: http://www.johnny-five.com/mb/

I am use a I phone for this its cool. Nothing to much.

well Im tired and have nothing to do, I just got to star gate sg-1 season 9 disc 3. Well I got the complete collect from christmas. I have designed a simple flip flop for cammands of certain memory cells of a robot.

hello, nothing to new. I have figured out a theory of dimensional travel ( with quantum physics ). In order to make a more possible doorway to other dimensions is to create a huge eletro field. Other info is seceret. other then that my robot seeker project is doing good!

Today I was capable to use my wallet as a eletronic key to my robot yesterday. I also was capable of doing part of my eletronics class lab 20 changes. The lab 20 is the hardest circuit in the class. You get to have a circuit that you build (makes the digital LED diagram count 1-6)and have questions and you also have to change it. So that is all today and yesterday!

hmmm, its funny because I once was on this web site a long time ago and I was a master. It was easy then, why not now?!

I have finally just got done with my computer game that I was working on for a while now. The computer game is a magical land called gorwin. There are over 180 NPC's, 80 quests, 98 creatures and 3 ways to defeat the main story. It starts out with you in a cell in jail. Then there is a big strom and then a guard drops his keys running. You pick it up and run out of the city. Later you will meet up with people that have quests for you. But when you start in the 1st main story set you have to find a agent of the wizards cult. The 2nd set of story quests is when you find the ruins of alzz, if will lead into a chain of wierd experence's in the game. The 3rd way to complete the main story quests is if you kill all 15 devil lords and defeat the grand devil lord (killing the devil is another quest, not in the main story quests). You get to create your own character, chose different types of class's, bithsigns and race. There are also different themes such as vampires, warewolfs, and turn as a ghost. You can cast spells, level up and upgrade to different ranks in guilds or cults. I am not selling this game or future games (but might soon), thank you for reading my post!

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I have a design that uses advance computers to compute a certain amount of data for graviton creating. A graviton is created by different coils and quartz cores. I would not get into detail, because i dont want people to take my idea. But the super computers and basiclly supeer computers. a laptop can be programmed to control low power and low graviton amounts where a 46 (I think) computer will calculate high graviton production. The machine can also produce takccons (cant spell particle, but can go faster then the spped of light) at high frequencies and power levels. The machine also uses AC diodes and capasistors for better coil proformence. The outer coil is a coil for protecting you and theres a tesla coil that gets the graviton out of the atom structure. Don't forget this is not all the info of the machine. But this machine uses huge HUGE amounts of power! This machine that i desgned also disscovered (I think) is just a design, I dont have a working one. Thank you for reading this!

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