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Well I am back and popping with new robot projects. Now since I figured out a lot with the propeller chip and basic stamp I can do so much more with my robots. Another thing is I have been working more on my game development and make some bucks on it. But the new robot challenge I have for this month is going to be a cylone head! It will various sensor to detect textures, light, color and distanct. This should allow the robot to figure out if you are sad or happy. All together it is a really cool design, oh another thing is I am going to have my web site published soon about technology and programming and the current games I will be selling later on!

I have been working with the propeller microcontroller. It is cool how there are 8 cogs allowing you to do 8 things at once. The code is harder to do but it doesn't take too long to figure out. To get the propeller chip just go to for more info, it's a IC full of fun and functionality!

Well I have been working very hard on how I can develop a virtual world within a basic stamp. So I was capable of displaying the robot on the screen and have it change it's direction when there was an object in the way of the robots path. But I have a hard trouble havi g the robot display and remeber where the object was so it will remeber where it is. But is the news for today thanxs for reading.

ahh another day of inventing new ways how robots can think and interact to their environment... well I am working on a high quality virtual world system build into the robots main CPU system. this allows the robot to interact with it's environment smartly. The different sensors detect certain things within the robots path and alerts the robot first then the virtual world. I have not gotten a firm grasp with this yet but I am right there! but anyways the robot is like thinking while he is functioning. I use basic stamps and some propeller chips, even though I am still learn some of the propeler programming. I use my computerized room for a syncing device to keep the memory of the area safe. But it is a new technology I amm developing and I will update everyone on it!

here is a website where you can watch the whole wall-e movie and you do not need to pay money or give information to watch it. There are a total of 6 clips to complete the movie and here they are in order:

clip 1 (starting): 8270.html

clip 2: 8276.html

clip 3:

clip 4:

clip 5:

clip 6:

I found this very cool video which has wall-e in it, but it show him in toy story, cars and the incredibles, thought it was something interesting to post! ay?docid=-4005070921469157318&q=wall-e&ei=4- iISIPvCZDuqwKnv5G2CA&hl=en


I found a cool embedment (flash program) that you can put on your website to have downloads, gallery, video's and more from the pixar wall-e movie. here is the html code for the embedment:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://c- 7f5296b9700c8a7/6913aa55" id="W47f52785575c8467487166ed468ffcb8" height="300" width="400"><param value="http://c- 7f5296b9700c8a7/6913aa55" name="movie"/><param value="transparent" name="wmode"/><param value="all" name="allowNetworking"/><param value="always" name="allowScriptAccess"/></object>

this will allow you to have the flash program in your website!

for anyone who loves johnny five from short circuit (the movie in the 80's and short circuit 2 in the 90's) you can join the j5 fan created website and join the community! you can post topics and replies. You can get free stuff on the website and more. Just thought if anyone was interested here is the link!


or for the messageboard here:

I am use a I phone for this its cool. Nothing to much.

well Im tired and have nothing to do, I just got to star gate sg-1 season 9 disc 3. Well I got the complete collect from christmas. I have designed a simple flip flop for cammands of certain memory cells of a robot.

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