6 Jul 2006 slap.fish   » (Journeyer)

not much progress on 48k for awhile - I'm in the midst of major house renovation/extensions, which, amongst other things, means that every scrap of storage space is packed full of boxes - including the spare rooms.. one of which will become the new workroom, and doubtless will be the last I'm allowed to finish and get my bench and equipment set back up again.. woe..

still.. despite all the moving around, 48k has stayed on it's stand in the garage like the very heavy, very complicated looking, shiny, and extremely dangerous if fallen on by thing that it is.. like it's somehow immune to the chaos going on around - which seems somehow gratifying.

During the course of the work on the house - every single builder, carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, apprentice thereof and general gawker has asked the same questions, in the same order - without fail.

What is it ? What does it do ?

Despite giving quite a few different variations on the same general theme(s) that qualify for answers (remote control robot, robot for retrieving small objects, robot for roving around autonomously, robot for throttling neighbourhood cats that dare to defocate under the rhododendrons, robot for world domination as long as there are no steps etc.) - I know they all think I'm not quite all there.. in the nicest possible sense of course - though I've noticed they do scrutinise free cups of tea just a little more closely afterwards.. hmmm. There is often a third question (perhaps optional ?) - which is 'So what do *you* do ?' - I'm not quite sure I ought to wonder too hard on why they ask that one.

anyway.. in another month or so I may be able (allowed?) to get back to it - does anyone know the typical ultrasound signature of the average un-house-trained cat ?

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