1 Mar 2006 slap.fish   » (Journeyer)

I promised a more up to date picture of 48k - so:

latest pic

It's in a somewhat 'stripped' state at the moment - the arm base joint, batteries, and electronics housings are missing - but it shows the mechanical layout clearer.

There is very little in the way of actual control elements in place yet - but I thought people might appreciate seeing a bit more of what's involved in the actual mechanics, as this is an area often overlooked. I for one like to see how something works under the skin.. a robots 'bones' if you like - the hardware solution is just as interesting to me as the software.

a couple more, showing some details:

drivetrain suspension


I will be remounting the arm base joint and batteries soon - and then onto connecting up the pneumatics.. then it'll be on it's wheels and under power for the first time sometime soon [rubs hands and laughs like Vincent Price].

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