9 Feb 2006 slap.fish   » (Journeyer)

Well, 'Hello World'... I've been regularly checking up on Robots net for a couple of years now - but have finally motivated myself into joining.

I am currently working on this:


This picture is a little old now, and I will endevour to get something more up to date on my site soon.

It is (will be) an autonomous Rover - as you can see it is no small undertaking, and the project is in it's 3rd year, I will add it to the list of robots when I feel it qualifies - for now, I am still tinkering with the mechanics, and getting them just right, before I set it down and get out the way (it will be in excess of 100kgs when fully built).. a Rover shaped hole in the wall is a distinct possibility in the future - not to mention me running down the road frantically warning people out the way.

Excuse my irreverence.. it IS a serious project - I, however, am constrained otherwise as, being only a hobby - it is the only way to remain sane. How else does one keep smiling, night after night in the shed - setting titanium turnings alight and picking aluminium swarf from surprising places ?

By the way - the large assembly torward the front is the base joint for a substantial arm, which I have provisionally pegged at a 5kg payload, fully extended (approx 1 meter)

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