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the first SKSumo is alive ;-) did some tests with a friends sumo and the result was good, added the latest foto's to my site and send a mail to add the robot to the robotmenu ;-)

placed all sensors and electronics on the sumo frame to see if it all fits well, and yes, the design looks good this time all fits well and its time to paint en reassemble the new robot ;-) pictures are added to my website:

under SKSumo !!!

the electronics of the sumo works well, the frame could be better, and so i started a new design for a mini sumo. i'll hoop that it will be much better ;-) foto's and information will be on my site soon

Started to build a mini sumobot Take a look at my website for more info

Replace my 16F84 pic on my bleubot with a 16F876 containing a bootloader, this makes life much easier. Also started the pic section on my website

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