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AdMoVeo: A Robotic Platform for Teaching Creative Programming to Designers

At the Eindhoven University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design, we have created an easy accessible Robot platform to learn embedded and computer programming that stimulates and motivates the student to explore their programming skills. The design is based on the fact that you can plug-on an Arduino diecimila board, the students is stimulated to continue to use the Arduino board beyond the course and so will be stimulated to actually use what they have learned and create more advanced designs. In the programming course students were Challenged to deliver a creative YouTube video, showing what they have learned.

The AdMoVeo platfom and software are Open Source, more info about the platform and programming course can be found at: http://admoveo.nl and http://wiki.id.tue.nl/creapro .

In the book "Learning by Playing. Game-based Education System Design and Development" a chapter is spend on 'AdMoVeo: A Robotic Platform for Teaching Creative Programming to Designers'.

Some more pictures:

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