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I enjoy building robots with Lego Mindstorms systems. I haven't been in any contests, but I hope to soon. I am making Lego Mindstorms robots all the time! I also made a few homemade sensors, and I hope to make more in the very near future. Please inform me of any ideas you might have for a robot. I am looking for ideas all the time! If anyone wants to talk to me, my AIM screen name is "Sleepaholic88".


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I am in the middle of creating (or, as it turns out, REcreating) my writer robot. This one will write on pieces of paper, instead of those strips. I will post an entry when i'm done with it.

Worked on my site a little. Please feel free to e-mail me at with pictures of your robots, and I will be happy to post them on my site along with a discription.

13 Feb 2003 (updated 28 Apr 2003 at 02:31 UTC) »

Bored... didnt get much time to work any any robots, cuz of homework, and the like.

I began making a new site about robotics: Please e-mail me at g, and tell me what u think of it! Also, feel free to send me any information or pictures of your robots, that i can also add to my site! It really needs content! Thanks!

Hey! I recently updated my site, and still manage to update it very frequently. If anyone has robots that they want to share, please join my Bravenet SiteRing, and dont forget to add your link to my site (these are found at the bottom of the "Links" page on my site). The link to my site is above.

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