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6 Oct 2010 (updated 6 Oct 2010 at 13:18 UTC) »

LD Face Recognition

This is another approach towards face recognition. In this we are making use of the Line Drawing method. I am summarizing the entire process in a few steps. I am looking towards your initial response to this approach.

Store the Original Face images in a database 1. Convert the Face photo to Line Drawing (black and white) 2. Draw a Rectangle around the Line Drawing touching all the four sides 3. Number each pixel in the Rectangle in sequential order from left to right 4. Get the Number (assigned in the previous step) of each black pixel in the Rectangle except the Rectangle itself 5. Sum up all those Numbers 6. This sum represents the Face and store it in your database

Compare a Face against the Original Face Database 1. Scale the image to the same size as the original image 2. Follow the above steps to get a numerical representation of the Target Face 3. Define an acceptable +/- variation between the Original Face value and Target Face value 4. Compare this Target Face value against the Original Face Value in the database and see whether it is in the acceptable range

Advantages 1. This will make the process faster since we are comparing numerical values 2. It is very simple to understand

Disadvantages 1. Rectangle drawn for the Original Face image and Target Face image should be nearly identical. Other wise there will be large variation in the Face value 2. Hair style may have an impact on the Face value, but this again depends on the efficiency of the Line Drawing.

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