7 Jun 2002 sashi_ono   » (Journeyer)

I'm happy to state that I have won 4 1st place awards for my micromouse that I built for independent project class at UCSB. This last competition really blew my mind because I got the best time ever for my mouse. I ran a speed run in 14 seconds flat. that's without bonuses and such, just raw time. When I was putting together the micromouse I never really designed it to run that fast, but a few months ago I did some slight tweaking of the code to do straight aways and did some tweaking on the PID control loops to handle higher speed and I guess the result was evident. I think this was the last competition for this mouse and it time for it to retire. Only to come out for demo's and show and tells. Time for the next generation of mice to take rise and show their glory as this one has had its time. I really want others to build good mice as well. This year I was slightly disappointed in what I saw, I never saw any mice this year make it to the center. I think people are not getting enough guidance. So this is an invitation to anyone who is building a micromouse to get a hold of me or many of the other builders for some help. There is an IEEE micromouse help session coming up that hopefully be able to attend and contribute anything I can.

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