7 Sep 2001 sashi_ono   » (Journeyer)

I think I've settled on a microcontroller for TinyBot. 16f876. It seems to provide everything I need in on package. it is also low power, has a/d , cheap :) and lots of previous code written for them. I will burn a bootloader onto it and use the serial port to do the code downloading and debugging. I just got a hold of an rs232 driver to do the downloading of the code. I also have access to a PIC programmer to download the bootloader. I downloaded the demo Hi_tech C compiler and got it compiling with MPLAB. seems like a good choice. hopefully I can keep my code small enough other wise the demo won't work. I could always break down and do it in asm but I'd rather not. Now the only thing left is to order them. looks like $8 from digikey. anyone know a good place to get them from aka cheap. let me know

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