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Ok figured out the best way to get the counter weights off. I crushed them with a vise. I put them in sideways and cranked it till the counter weights crumbled. I put together a motor solar panel assembley just to see how the solor panels handle a motor. Looks like i may be only able to power one motor at a time. I could put on some more panels. I'm also thinking of maybe putting on one AAA battery and using the solar cells to charge, that way i don't have to put more cells on. Still looking for a good cpu. Maybe a pic or something with builtin flash and ram and is somewhat fast.

I got my order from all electronics in. I was tring to remove the couterweights off the vibrator motors. I ended up destroying one of the motors, lucky i got spares. I read on the web that using a vise grip works. Anyone have any good sugestions to get rid of the counter weights.

What's up all, this is my first diary entry. I just found out about robots.net today by surfing the web. I think it is great that a community of robot builders exists and allows for communication between them. I've been working with robots for about a year now. I have built a working micromouse that has won several times. My next project is a tiny robot, solar powered, 2 pager motors, 3 solar sensors, 1 temp sensor, couple ir sensors, a little buzzer. I'm still looking for a small fast low power microprocesser. thinking about an arm or maybe just using a PLA for logic. I'm on AIM SN: 'sashi ono' give me a IM if you are interested giving me some new ideas on my new project.

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