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Bad news and good news...

We had to cancel the 8/9 Zaza Phase II test after discovering that the baseServer wouldn't start up. We also made the mistake of installing an untested version of the face application with limited voice recognition capability. It crashed constantly, but when working, the recognition engine worked quite well. I spent the rest of the day poking around inside the robot and was able to determine that the cause of the problem was a loose cable on one of the MSP boards. Apparently the ribbon cable had wiggled out of the IDC connector just enough to be intermittent. I must have torqued it a little too much when installing the replacement +5V DC-DC converter on Monday. Hopefully it won't happen again. To make up for lost time we will be doing two tests, one this Thursday (8/16) and another next Friday (8/24).

On 8/10 I was able to get the first version of the poslib Perl interface compiling and partly operational. Today (8/13) it is fully operational with a test map (position plotting only). The bug with Shareable's freeze() and thaw() serialization routines is in fact a bug with IPC::ShareLite's documentation and nothing more. Position data is now hashed and serialized before being stored in shared memory which should be much faster and more efficient than the string parsing done previously. I also fixed some scaling and offset problems with the Java applet that weren't noticeable before.

Mike was able to clean up some of the bugs and reduce crashing on the face last Friday, and we should have a usable version by this Thursday. I hope to have versions of the applet, poslib and localizer interface that support limited goal submission as well but have a lot of work to do to make this happen. Fingers crossed...

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