25 Feb 2004 rudybrian   » (Master)

I wrapped up work on a new version of Zaza's voice server this weekend using the POE framework and POE::Component::Festival. This version resolves some of the more troubling architectural issues with the previous single-threaded releases of the voiceServer. Cues are now processed asynchronously with proper FIFO buffering so rapidly submitted input cues are neither dropped nor mangled as had been a problem when the voiceServer machine was under heavy load (ie. running in tourguide mode). A number of museum visitors have asked about Zaza's voice/face system recently and expressed interest in using it for other applications. As a result, this version is the first to have actual documentation, not just source comments ;) As time permits, I'll do the same for the other voice system components. I also threw together a basic system diagram that documents how all the voice/face components fit together.

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