9 Jan 2004 rudybrian   » (Master)

I finally got around to porting JR Kerr's NMC library (supports the PIC-SERVO, PIC-IO and PIC-STEP) to Linux for use on the Blue Cube. A few years ago I hacked together a driver based on some example code, but the performance was sub-optimal and it was littered with bugs. I was inspired after running across Alan Kilian's code from his Circuit Cellar article, and decided to just rewrite the whole thing. As far as compiling is concerned, it's still a bit of a mess, but if you are interested you can get it here. At some point I'll throw together some GNU Autotools scripts, but it's usable as-is. Now that I have a working motion controll system, it's time to start writing an interface for CARMEN.

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