29 Dec 2003 rudybrian   » (Master)

The good, the bad and the ugly...

First the good: I finally got Robbie Stone's updated CATC Access Bus card Linux kernel driver working on Redhat 6.2. This means that it's finally possible to upgrade the OS on Zaza's 'brain' CPU. This will allow the use of a smaller/more efficient motherboard, and begin experimenting and porting the current codebase to CARMEN.

The bad: As of January 2004 iRobot/RWI is discontinuing research robot sales, and will only be continuing support through the end of the year. This will pose a support problem for ongoing use of the robot...

The ugly: I finally got around to fixing one of the beeSoft conversion utilities that converts images into maps. Using beeSoft's map editor is painful to say the least, so having the ability to re-import a map image to a map allows use an image manipulation program to add virtual obstacles to a map much more easily.

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