21 Jun 2001 rudybrian   » (Master)

This Monday's mapping attempt was only slightly more sucessfull than last time. The particular mapping approach we are using just doesn't work all that well in cube mazes. Too many of the corridors and aisleways are long and featureless, coupled with odometric drift, the results are marginal at best.

Map-building in the museum is another story. The unique architectural and exhibit features provide a wealth of points that the feature integrator can use to correct odometric drift. The resultant maps are beautifull, as the map I scanned this evening in the Explorations gallery can attest. Hopefully, I can find a fast standardized way of generating VRML's from these maps, this one needs over 575M of RAM to render, and an extremely fast multiprocessor machine. Rendering stills in Povray just isn't good enough...

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