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I got some good news from the Tech Museum's Public Programs folks last week. They are planning to do a bunch of robotics-related activities in January leading up to ASIMO's visit at the end of the month. Since Zaza's Phase IV (tourguide) functionality is stable, we are planning to run tours on the last three weekends in January. We still need to work out the scheduling and facilitation details so nothing has been posted on the website yet.

From a development standpoint, I am freezing the feature set until after January and concentrating on performance and resource utilization improvements for the client interface. Since many web visitors won't have the necessary JRE installed to run the applets prior to the tour, I'll be writing a 'browser prequalification' applet with the requesite Java plugin Javascript/HTML to auto-download the JRE for the Windows platform, or link to the appropriate site for other platforms.

Since my last post I made a few updates to the map applet and posServer CGI to support auto startup/shutdown of the client applet. Last weekends test revealed a bug that occasionally causes the shared memory segment, used for signalling the showmap CGI to return the Java plugin HTML, not to be updated after poslibtcx starts up. My current theory on the cause is that the posServer CGI updates the segment too early, it immediately gets flushed by poslib::poslibinit() during the startup sequence of poslibtcx. I also finally remembered to take screen shots of the current versions of both the control and user interface screens.

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