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There are a couple items of note since the last diary entry, so heck, why not write another one :)

We finally got the bridge hardware necessary to port Zaza over to the Tech's 'new' 802.11b wireless network two weeks ago. The extra 8Mbps noticably improves the response time of the face applet, and the framerate of the webcam. The museum's IT folks finished upgrading the firmware on all of the AP's last Friday, and resolved a cabling issue causing problems with an AP in the Exploration gallery on Monday. By Friday it should be possible to wander the robot through the whole museum again (Huzzah!)

I spent some time over the last month re-writing the map applet, so that it would be easier to make UI changes using Netbeans' Form Editor. The earliest versions of the applet had been hand written, then were eventually imported into Netbeans. Since the import tool has no facility for auto-generating forms UI changes were a bit more involved. I was also able to fix a few more bugs in this release. Getting position updates now happens as a background thread independant of the Swing GUI, so there is a noticable performance increase. I also fixed a bug that prevented the scroll bars around a map from working properly in auto-tracking mode.

A bunch of new pictures have been added to Zaza's Hardware page that Robbie, one of the project volunteers took last year during the major repair of Zaza's base in September. If you have never seen inside of a synchro-drive system have a look, it's quite interesting.

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