22 May 2002 rudybrian   » (Master)

Last Saturday's Phase IV test went pretty much as planned. We didn't have any collisions or close calls during the run. During the test another demo activity converged in the 'atrium area' on the lower level of the museum blocking Zaza's only route to her next goal. The large number of people and the unmapped obstacles currently in the area from the installation of the 'Play' exhibit in the temporary exhibit space prevented Zaza's localizer from getting a revised position for an extended period of time. She began searching for an obstacle that looked familiar but the visitors were so engaged in the demo that they would not let her pass. The 'reaction' module was running, and the robot began verbalizing her dislike of being blocked to the demo audience, to the dismay of the presenter ;) To keep Zaza from further interfering with the demo, we manually joysticked her out of the area. The remainder of the test was fairly uneventful. I was finally able to get the high-level people detection code working about half-way through the run, and we used it for the remainder of the test. If it can do a better job of detecting people, I'll write a new version of reaction to support it for Phase III and IV operation modes.

I made a few architectural improvements to the voice/face system over the last few days. The voiceServer now maintains a 'stack' of the last n cues in shared memory to provide slower asynchronous clients a loss-free way to get speech cue data. This should eliminate the possibility of loosing cues that are sent too quickly to be spoken in real-time. The change required updating the clients and applet, but it was worth it.

Just for grins, I ran the code I have written since the aquiring the robot through SLOCCount, quite amusing this obsession is ;)

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